Cisco® Implementing Automation for Cisco® Enterprise Solutions v1.0 (ENAUI)

This course teaches you how to implement Cisco Enterprise automated solutions, including programming concepts, orchestration, telemetry, and automation tools to leverage programmability and automation in the Cisco-powered Enterprise Campus and WAN. Examined platforms include Cisco IOS-XW for device-centric automation, Cisco DNA Center for the intent based enterprise network, Cisco Software-Defined WAN, and Cisco Meraki.

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Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Learn how to leverage the various models and APIs of the Cisco IOS-XE platform to perform Day 0 operations, improve troubleshooting methodologies with custom tools, augment the CLI using scripts, and integrate various workflows using Ansible and Python.
  • Learn about the paradigm shift of Model Driven Telemetry and understand the building blocks of a working solution.
  • Learn how to leverage the tools and APIs to automate Cisco DNA infrastructure managed by Cisco DNA Center. Demonstrate workflows (configuration, verification, healthchecking, and monitoring) using Python, Ansible, and Postman.
  • Understand Cisco SD-WAN solution components, implement a Python library that works with Cisco SD-WAN APIs to perform configuration, inventory management and monitoring tasks, and Implement reusable Ansible roles to automate provisioning new branch sites on an existing Cisco SD-WAN infrastructure.
  • Learn how to leverage the tools and APIs to automate Cisco Meraki managed infrastructure and demonstrate workflows (configuration, verification, healthchecking, and monitoring) using Python, Ansible, and Postman.


    Course Details

    Course Outline

    1 - Introducing Cisco SD-WAN Programmability
  • Enterprise Network Automation Overview
  • Cisco SD-WAN REST API overview
  • Discovery 1: Perform administrative tasks using the Cisco SD-WAN API
  • 2 - Building Cisco SD-WAN Automation with Python
  • Python workflows for Cisco SD-WAN
  • Discovery 2: Build, manage, and operate Cisco SD-WAN programmatically
  • 3 - Building Cisco SD-WAN Automation with Ansible
  • Use Ansible with Cisco SD-WAN APIs
  • Explore SD-WAN resources on Cisco DevNet
  • Discovery 3: Consume SD-WAN APIs using the uri module
  • Discovery 4: Build reports using Ansible-Viptela roles
  • Discovery 5: Manage feature templates with Ansible
  • 4 - Managing Configuration with Ansible and NAPALM
  • NAPALM automation framework
  • Discover 6: Use NAPALM to configure and verify device configuration
  • 5 - Implementing On-Box Programmability and Automation with Cisco IOS XE Software
  • Introduction to edge computing
  • Discovery 7: Implement On-Box programmability and automation with Cisco IOS XE software
  • Discovery 8: Use Python on Cisco IOS XE software
  • 6 - Implementing Model-Driven Telemetry
  • Data models on Cisco IOS XE software
  • Streaming Telemetry
  • Streaming Telemetry models
  • Streaming Telemetry transport protocols
  • Discovery 9: Implement streaming Telemetry with Cisco IOS XE
  • 7 - Day 0 Provisioning with Cisco IOS-XE
  • Day 0 operations
  • iPXE overview
  • Cisco network plug and play overview
  • Discovery 10: Implement ZTP on Cisco IOS-XE with a custom Python script
  • 8 - Automating Cisco Meraki
  • Cisco Meraki Architecture and automation capabilities
  • Cisco Meraki REST API overview
  • Discovery 11: Implement Cisco Meraki API automation
  • 9 - Implementing Meraki Intgration APIs
  • Cisco Meraki Integrations overviews
  • Location scanning APIs
  • Cisco Meraki camera APIs
  • Cisco Meraki captive portals
  • Cisco Meraki wireless health
  • Discovery 12: Explore Cisco Meraki Integration APIs
  • Discovery 13: Explore Cisco Meraki webhook alerts
  • 10 - Implementing Automation in Enterprise Networks
  • Cisco Intent-based networks overview
  • Cisco DNA center APIs
  • Discovery 14: Explore Cisco DNA center APIs
  • 11 - Building Cisco DNA Center Automation with Python
  • Explore Cisco DNA center Python libraries
  • Discovery 15: Build Python scripts with Cisco DNA center Intent APIs
  • 12 - Automating Operations using Cisco DNA Center
  • Introduction to Cisco DNA center assurance workflows
  • Discovery 16: Troubleshoot end-to-end connectivity and health-check the network via the Cisco DNA center API
  • Cisco DNA center event webhooks
  • Discovery 17: Build Python scripts with Cisco DNA center assurance APIs
  • Actual course outline may vary depending on offering center. Contact your sales representative for more information.

    Who is it For?

    Target Audience

    Channel and Customer Engineers

    Network Engineer

    Systems Engineer

    Wireless Engineer

    Consulting Systems Engineer

    Techical Solutions Architet

    Network Administrator

    Wireless Design Engineer

    Network Manager

    Channel SEs

    Sales Engineer

    Channel AMs

    Account Manager


    Other Prerequisites

    The knowledge and skills that you are expected to have before attending this course are:

    Basic programming language concepts

    Basic understanding of virtualization

    Ability to use Linux and CLI tools, such as SSH and bash

    CCNP level core networking knowledge

    Foundational understanding of Cisco DNA, Meraki, and Cisco SD-WAN

    Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions v1.0 (CCNA) is recommended to help you meet these prerequisites.

    Cisco® Implementing Automation for Cisco® Enterprise Solutions v1.0 (ENAUI)

    Course Length : 3 Days (24 Hours)

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